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Red Sun Revival - 'Embers' - Virus G Zine

Hailing from London and formed in 2011, Red Sun Revival already made a striking impression with their debut album “Running From The Dawn”. Assembled by the singer and composer Rob Leydon, the quartet quickly became one of the favourite new names arisen from the UK’s goth sphere and have even picked up many followers in Europe and beyond. But this certainly is no wonder since Red Sun Revival’s is like a genuine, unique brandy – once you become accustomed to its bitter-sweet taste, it’s all you will ever want for those very special occasions. Arguably, this band has forged its own recognisable style by merging Gothic Rock with elements coming from Folk and orchestral music. Now they are back with a new four-track EP, entitled “Embers”, which highlights the more intimate and dreamy aspect of their music.

In comparison with its predecessor, this work is essentially conceptual and darker as it’s based on Rob’s murky interior self at the time of composing. Consequently, “Embers” delves deeper into melancholy while giving rise to a strange cozy home feeling in the listener. As in a sort of self-exorcism, Mr. Leydon casts out his demons through affectedly husky baritones. Co-operating this eviction ceremony is bassist Panos Theodoropoulos, whose strategic thrusts gradually lead us towards a veiled sound plane. Within that haunting yet charming kind of limbo, Matt Helm (guitar) and Christina Emery (violin) channel the sung torrent of emotions into flawless, labyrinthine harmonies that never fail to send shivers down the spine. Furthermore, “Embers” has been mixed and produced by the renowned Stephen Carey (This Burning Effigy, Adoration, NFD, The Eden House) who, as the expert in sound texture, atmosphere and arrangements that he is, has managed to lend an appropriate final finish to this EP. Moreover, the presence of Simon Rippin (Nefilim, NFD, Adoration, The Eden House) as guest drummer can be sharply felt in these songs too. All of it, along with an improved songwriting – specially in terms of balance and assortment – means a step forward for a band which nevertheless stays true to its distinctive style.[…]

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