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“End Of All Existence” is a digital radio podcast broadcasted by the future selves of Artaud Seth (Garden Of Delight / Merciful Nuns) and Ashley Dayour (Whispers In The Shadow / The Devil & The Universe) – both grouped under the codename Near Earth Orbit (NEO) to carry out their mission – which will be (is being) emitted on an Apocalyptic Wave frequency from a time lapse feedback transmitter for the purpose of reaching our time so that they can alert us to the extinction of civilization which will happen (is happening) in 16th March 2034, exactly as foreseen by those coming from far beyond Earth who manipulated and later controlled us since the very foundation of the mankind, perhaps deliberately created with delayed effect disorders of destructiveness and misanthropy. Worth its own formidable sci-fi horror movie, isn’t it? One co-directed by John Carpenter and Ridley Scott. Or is that old foreboding of alien invasion actually coming a reality? In either case, we’re fortunate to have this galvanizing, vividly bleak audio testament to the end of the world several years before it ultimately occurs – according to them, video signal is impossible to broadcast with the future technology… it’s a pity. “End Of All Existence” will make you jump from one thrill to the next in a suspenseful film score vein. They’ve woven this chronicle of disaster foretold into the throb of sinister rave electronics, the noir eeriness sprayed from the pads, the ominous, screeching echo of the guitars and the scarily mesmeric vocal delivery. To put it simply: dark ace music. […]

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