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Two Witches - Good Evil - Virus G Zine

Finnish gothic rock pioneers Two Witches put an end to a prolonged studio abstinence with their new full-length album, titled “Goodevil”, which is sure to fulfil the expectations of both worshippers and first-time listeners as plenty of refreshing – yet non-intrusive – elements converge here with those that have essentially distinguised this band throughout its almost three decades long career. So the leviathan from Tampere has sloughed its old skin and now re-emerges full of energy to rock and shock the gothic realms again. More versatile and purposeful than ever, Jyrki Witch’s vocals embody the power of the lyrics in an inimitable way, adapting his timbre to the demands of the drama-play. Furthermore, he is accompanied by sometimes stormy, and sometimes wide-screen sound designs that place Two Witches in its wholly-owned musical spectre.

Probably, the most novel feature – apart from the modernized sonic forms, of course – comparing this record with the previous ones seems to be its thematic approach. The band’s traditionally dark tale imagery has been watered down in denounces of the current society’s diseases and, thereby, a sort of apocalyptical picture is provided. Thus, the opener “Future World” cinematicly activates some bleak undertones that will somehow remain littered throughout each of the twelve tracks. There’s a wintry, soundtrackish conjuction of synths, distorted solos and noises that sticks in mind… “… / Pain, fear, dirt, filth / Open the Door / Welcome to my world”. Anyway, what comes next is groovy rock in all its sinister glory. Melody strengthens as it’s merged into a rush of guitars, drums and bass and, together with the hook-laden singing partially make up the initial anxiety-inducing. “Inner Circle Outsider” fires in rumbling riffs and drums, with Jyrki weaving his harsh criticism ( “… / I’ve never been your whore / and even if I’m inside / My inside is outside / …” ) into the moody, neurological throb of bass, while fleeting cold guitars remind us the wasteland-like backdrop again…


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