Grimorium by Yabanci – 2014

Yabanci - Grimorium - Virus G Zine

I can not think about better title for Yabanci’s first full-length CD than “Grimorium” as it is somehow a spell book of sounds where forgotten magic of Goth Rock is invoked. Not only that, but also this atavism is imbued with a strong feeling of remoteness and ritualism. Conjuring symbols must be properly combined to prevent chaotic results and so the Italian/Swiss outfit has meticulously taken care of the smallest detail in its long-awaited grimoire. Everything in this record – aesthetics, music, lyrics and production – is skilfully interlocked to construct weird realities which are permeated with an exciting esoteric vibe. LadyGhost switches between breathy wails and punkish stacattos as harboring a devilish spirit of Anja Huwe (Xmal Deutschland); vocals sway with Valerio’s flawless guitar playing, whose riffs and shimmers seem to pay true homage to both early Fields of the Nephilim and Singles-era Sisters of Mercy, while subtle programming and synths spread their gloom just in the right dose. In carge of trigger such a ritual there are precise percussion and prominent bass lines duly enriched with effects. In a nutshell, what “Grimorium” treasures is evolutionary throwback Goth Rock through and through.Even though this should not be surprising to those familiar with Yabanci’s debut EP “Birth” (2013). In fact, six tunes from that mini-album have been featured in the tracklist of “Grimorium”, besides the studio version of “Last Page” (previously released as live recording). You can read more about it here, since I’ll focus on the new songs hereafter…


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Author: SGM

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