Habit makes goth – 2014 G Platform

Plataforma G 2014

The variety of styles inside we know such as Gothic Fashion is always present in G Platform, Madrid Gothic Week fashion show. Every designer makes her own readings and interpretations from her motivations and inspirations: literature, films, music, arts, for this reason what we know like urban gothic subculture, and the people who don´t belong to the scene identify like that, be a movement rich in sources and influences.

About fashion, we can´t, in any way, focus or link the movement to black color, when the multiplicity and multidisciplinarity are present in something tangible as clothes and luxury: the Victorian era, sacred and profane, folklore or 50s fashion, are some of sources that inspire the four collections we see in 2014 reflected in the works of Steamkatt, Laura Diamond, Sullivan Costume and Red Lipstick, the firms chosen to show in the G Platform sixth edition.

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Author: SGM

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