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As forecasted by “Embers” EP the last year, London’s Red Sun Revival are going through their best musical moment since they were firstly pressed to our consciousness as a band worth following now three years ago with their debut album “Running From The Dawn”. Release by release, their sound has evolved and improved into an own gothic rock brand distinguished by its enchanting, lyrically dark, yet warm, atmosphere. With their second full-length album, entitled “Identities”, Red Sun Revival not only consolidate, but also kick up a notch this recognizable style by introducing little substantive changes. On the one hand, the structures look more decentralized and opened so that each section shines out in all its fullness. Consequently, the overall sound becomes even more crystalline and lush than usual – once again, the celebrated Stephen Carey (The Eden House) has left his imprint throughout production and mixing. On the other hand, the driving of these songs is noticeably more anthemic, founded on the crucial, versatile work of Panos Theodoropoulos on bass, who efficiently fits the mood and swing while never going too over the top of the mix, as well as on the character-filled, balanced drums played by Simon Rippin (also of The Eden House, and formerly of The Nefilim). So, regarding dynamics, “Identities” sounds somewhat groovier than prior releases, and the focus is much more on Matt Helm’s (also of Pretentious Moi?) intricately melodious and rhythmic contribution on the lead guitar. As ever, the alma mater Rob Leydon croons distinctively just like from above the Sea of Fog […]

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