Interview with Bloody, Dead and Sexy

Interview with Bloody, Dead and Sexy - Virus G Zine




They are something of an institution in deathrock field and their popularity has only just increased since they headlined two years in a row famous Wave Gotik Treffen festival. Old friends in Spain, they come again to give a lecture and ALFREDO VILLAESCUSA doesn’t miss the chance of speaking with ROSA IAHN.


First of all, what are you doing right now? Are you writing any album?
We never sit down and decide let’s write an album. We gave up control over our artistic life a long time ago. If an album needs to be written it will be written at some point. If not, then not. I trust in ourselves to know when it is time. I know this sounds complicated and easy at the same time, and I think it is. We are not easy to handle and no good business men. Our record label is going crazy working with us. What we are doing right now is working on a compilation that will represent our career. With well known songs, rare material and some new songs maybe. A kind of best of thing. Matias 13 recently finished the recordings of an album for our new project Psi Club, which is not announced yet.


Your last album “Bad Ambient” was very well received and got some positive reviews, do you consider it as one of the highlights in your career?
Yes. Although we consider every album as a highlight in our career, this one is very special for us. So much pain and delight in it. Although I don’t care too much about critics I am happy that people seem to like it. It’s a good feeling.[…]


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