Interview with Pretentious Moi?

Interview with Pretentious Moi? - Virus G Zine




With a debut album which should already go down in the history of the movement, these Englishmen involved in the scene since 1989 visit Spain for the first time and try to define what is essential in all-time Brit Goth Rock. Leader TIM CHANDLER dares to make a dissection before ALFREDO VILLAESCUSA.


Your last and only album was from 2010, what are you doing right now? Are you working on anything new?
Yes, currently writing the next one, probably about half way there now, but there’s plenty of ideas, so hopefully progress will speed up a bit, in the meantime, there are a few of the new songs emerging in the live set.


I think that your debut album is one of the biggest gothic rock albums ever, how was the writing of the album? Was it difficult to complete?
That is very kind of you, it took a long time to do, about thirteen years, but it was only really for my own amusement, not for release. The whole process was one of learning how to do things. So much more went into the album than can be heard, but I enjoyed the process.[…]


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