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Interview with Red Sun Revival - Virus G Zine




With a line-up made up by members with very long careers in the most traditional British Goth Rock scene, if any band could carry the flame of the spiritual side of the movement, it would be undoubtedly this project with the knowledge of the classics and the current edge of modern times. The same alma mater ROB LEYDON and his fellowman, the bass player PANOS THEODOROPOULOS, answer ALFREDO VILLAESCUSA a few days before their first time in Spain as guest artists of the SGM Fest 2014.


I think you have just released an EP called “Embers”, could you tell me something about it?
Rob: Yes, the EP is released through Echozone and Resurrection Records. “Embers” is the last song on this 4-track EP, and concludes a story involving four songs. I think that it will appeal to those who enjoyed our debut album, and perhaps also to a new audience.
Panos: Our new EP is a release that I am personally really proud of. Each song of the EP has a very strong and distinctive sound and character, and yet all four songs complement each other in an extraordinary way. “Embers” is the title of a song that me and Rob wrote together, and we felt that this title is perfectly appropriate to describe the whole EP and its sound.


Why do you release an EP instead of a full album?
Rob: We’re doing both. The EP is a self-contained project neatly defined by the circumstances of a particular time in my life. It makes sense to present that material as one discrete piece, rather than as a part of a larger collection of songs, where the significance of these songs may be lost in context. However, I’m pleased to report that we are in the process of composing a second album, which we’re about half-way through writing. We’re hoping to release album number-two next spring, and the material is shaping up very nicely.
Panos: This EP for us is a release between our full-length albums. As we constantly try to write new material, those songs just came in the right timing to form an EP. Instead of keeping the band in silence for a longer period while writing material for our second LP, we decided that those four songs can form a perfectly balanced and autonomous release to fill the in-between gap. We like being productive and keep a momentum in terms of creating new music.[…]


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