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Interview with Spiritual Front - Virus G Zine




With a wide range of influences including Pier Paolo Pasolini, tango or swing, these Italians have achieved a kind of unique and uncompromising style in modern dark folk scene. Paraphilia, religion, nihilism or biting humour are some recurrent issues arising from SIMONE SALVATORI’s mind, responsible for the lyrics and the concept behind the band. ALFREDO VILLAESCUSA plunges into the depths of this peculiar spirit, a few days before Spiritual Front’s performance at the VI SGM Fest.


First of all, what are you doing now? Are you writing anything?
Yes, sir. We are doing a new split album with Lydia lunch, preparing another alternative folk oriented EP and working on the new album.


The last album “Black Hearts In Black Suits” was very orchestral, is the new material going to be similar?
“Black Hearts In Black Suits” is a sort of parallel project, I didn’t write the music indeed, Stefano Puri did it. He’s doing also the orchestral part of the new album, but this doesn’t mean it will be orchestral like “Black Hearts In Black Suits”. […]


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