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Interview with Sweet Ermengarde - Virus G Zine




With only one album they have achieved its own place between Gothic Rock fans in its purest form. Fields of the Nephilim or Garden of Delight are some of the names that you can immediately recall when listening to them. LARS KAPPELER, responsible for those bass lines that shake the deep end of every spirit, spends some time answering ALFREDO VILLAESCUSA.


First of all, are you working on anything new?
Yes, we do! We’re working on our second album “Ex Oblivione” right now which will be released next year. We’re in the middle of the songwriting and some really great stuff is already nearly finished. But there’s still a lot of work to do. We are planning to release in June 2015.


Your last album was “Raynham Hall”, did it fulfill your expectations in terms of sales, reviews…?
It does more than that. We never expected such a positive feedback. We just want to make a good album, which means an album that we like. So we left away all this metal and pop music influences which is used by most of the successful bands today. We are not a band to clap along. Even our record label Équinoxe told us “we like it and that usually means bad sales”. But “Raynham Hall” exceeded our expectations in sales and also in the reviews. We never even thought that we released “the best album of the beginning decade”, but that was really written about “Raynham Hall”. So it looks like we struck a nerve of some people and this is the largest wage.[…]


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