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Kalt is the solo Gothic Rock venture of the German multi-instrumentalist and composer Mike York, who is also well known as guitar player – formerly with the legendary Garden of Delight for eight years and currently contributing his talent to the great Sweet Ermengarde. Kalt’s fourth long-playing has just gone on sale under the pertinent title of “The Invisible”. It’s a totally self-produced and thus free-willed album which portrays the artist’s inner maze on impulsive swells of hate and devotion with a strong filmic character. Mike weaves here an embrace of anguish and comfort over the listener, providing an ultimately inspirational roller coaster ride. All the titles are preceded by a definite article, as it’s the musician who inwardly x-rays himself to render emotions into songs. It also makes sense as we can easily identify our own invisible angels and demons with his, dragged by Kalt’s far-reaching torrent of sound. In the light of the result, this seems Mike’s all-out mixing and production effort so far, focussing on an intricate twist of harsh and shimmery chords, and on a strategic placement of beats, synths and enhancers for a consistent transmission of the lyrical message. Furthermore, these songs are imbued with an indescribable vibe that makes them appear much longer than they really are, somehow like thrilling lifetime scores heard at a near death experience whose guiding thread is the mournful, low-pitched vocal delivery. […]

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