Literature Meeting

Literature is the center of the Madrid Gothic Week, a five-day event in which writers, editors and essay-writers will skpeak about classical and new trends of gothic literature from different points of view. We will attend to round tables, lectures, presentations of new books as well as reeditions of classics.

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Museo del Romanticismo
Encuentro de Literatura SGM

Writer Daniel Espinosa during his lecture “Ritual and Black Magic. Spirit Invocations through Grimoires” in SGM Literature Meeting 2013.

2014 Agenda

Saturday, October 25

Book Launches

16:00 – 16:25

“Poe”, a collection of scary stories by Edgar Allan Poe. Published by Fotolito Books

Presebted by publisher Tatiana Vargas Löwy and illustrator Carolina Pellicer García-Rosales

16:25 – 16:50

“Stonecraft: Círculo imperfecto” by Víctor M. Ánchel. Published by Editorial Saco de Huesos

Presented by Juan Ángel Laguna Edroso

16:50 – 17:15

Presencia Humana Magazine by Editorial Aristas Martínez

Presented by Sara Herculano

17:15 – 17:40

“Un extraño descubrimiento” by Charles Romyn Dake. Published by Editorial Saco de Huesos

Presented by translator Óscar Mariscal and Juan Ángel Laguna Edroso

17:40 – 18:05

“Tres motivos para morir en Madrid” by Eduardo Vaquerizo. Published by Editorial Saco de Huesos

Presented by Juan Ángel Laguna Edroso

18:05 – 18:30

“La Campaña del Infierno” by Santiago Moncada. Published by Neys Books Editores

Presented by Daniel María

18:30 – 18:55

“Alimañas” by Óscar Pérez Varela. Published by Editorial Saco de Huesos

Presented by Juan Ángel Laguna Edroso

18:55 – 19:20

“Los Sueños Muertos” by Paco Segovia. Published by Editorial Autores Premiados

19:20 – 19:45

“Horror Vacui” by Paula Lapido. Published by Editorial Salto de Página

Presented by Pablo Mazo

19:45 – 20:10

Trilogía del Joven Moriarti by Sofía Rhei. Published by Nevsky Ediciones

Presented by Marian Womack and Alberto López Aroca

20:10 – 20:35

Launch of “Mistérica” magazine

By publishers Pedro Ortega Ventureira and Belén Doblas

Tuesday, October 28

19:00 – Round Table

“Gothic horror mark in videogames”

Moderator: Laura Luna.

20:30 – Round Table

“Literary horror versus audiovisual horror”

Speakers: David Jasso and José Alberto Arias Pereira.

Wednesday, October 29

19:00 – Round Table

“Rol playing and literature”

Speakers: Rocío Tizón and Juan Ángel Laguna Edroso


20:30 – Round Table

“The other side of the mirror: the influence of gothic novel in the Spanish horror literature”

Speaker: Juan Ángel Laguna Edroso


Tuesday, October 30

19:00 – Round Table

“The female ghost in gotic novel”

Speakers: Mirari Bueno and Sol Blanco Soler


20:30 – Round Table

“Horror liteature out of the genre”

Speakers: Poe Brotherhood. Featuring the writers Elena Muñoz, Conchi Regueiro, Fernando Cámara, Javier Quevedo Puchal, Patricia Pérez and Juan Ángel Laguna Edroso. Moderator: Fernando López Guisado.

Friday, October 31


Nocte and Nosferatu Awards Ceremony

By the Nocte Writers Association.

20:30 – Recital

Recital of classic and contemporary poems

By the Poe Brotherhood. Featuring the poets: Alberto Infante, Antonio Daganzo, Ana Ares, Francisco Moral, Loren Fernández, Elena Muñoz, Marga Mayordomo Sánchez, María Solís Munuera, Francisco Castañón, Emilio González Martínez, Carlos Jack Winchester, Rebeca Álvarez del Casal, Alfonso Brezmes, David Minayo and Fernando López Guisado.