Videogames, audiovisual horror and poetry in Literature Meeting SGM 2014

Literature Meeting 2014

In gothic literature there are specific elements about features and structure, and these elements, beyond the subjects of the novels or short stories, have fed another disciplines like cinema, music, arts or later literary movements.

This is what we are going to see this year in the SGM 2014 Literature Meeting, gotic elements in video games, rol games, audiovisual and writers like Julio Cortázar or Jorge Luis Borges. Also, we approach to poetry, through a reading of clasic and contemporary poets.

As happened last year, we have the support of Asociación Nocte who collaborated with us organizing the round tables and inviting Hermandad Poe and Nosolorol. This year Nocte will give two awards: Nocte and Nosferatu.

All the activities of Literature Meeting have free admission and will take place in the National Museum of Romanticism, except books presentations, this activity will be held in Ámbito Cultural (El Corte Inglés de Callao) where the attendees will be able to buy the books and have them signed by their authors.

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