Madrid, taken by the gothic literature in October

Organize a 30-day literature meeting is our great challenge this year. We will start with the IV Conference on art, literature and urban gothic culture, which will be held in October from the 1st to the 3rd and then we will offer round tables, lectures and book presentations in several venues of Madrid for the rest of the month

The Philology Faculty of the Complutense University has joined us in the organization of the academic conference and the cultural area of FNAC will house The Literature Meeting round tables for the first time. Once again, the National Museum of Romanticism will lend us its beautiful hall for the opening conference, some round tables and the price-giving of the Nocte Awards, as well as the closure of the Congress. In this edition, we will also count with the support of Leer magazine, Ámbito Cultural of El Corte Inglés and the alternative bookstores Generation X and Estudio en Escarlata.

Moreover, we’ve decided to change the format of the book presentations. This year, we will focuss in the writing creative process instead of traditional editor/author chat. The authors themselves will present their books, showing to the audience their handwritten notes, research resources, schedule s and outlines, among other curiosities. Also we will know all kind of anecdotes arisen from the writing and publishing, the fears of the authors, and other experiences facing the blank page.

2015 Literature Meeting Agenda

VII Encuentro de Literatura de la Semana Gótica de Madrid

Cartel del VII Encuentro de Literatura de la Semana Gótica de Madrid.

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