Readership Hostile EP by Readership Hostile – 2014

Readership Hostile - Readership Hostile EP - Virus G Zine

Vintage scythe-mastery on guitars, vocals teetering on the edge of insanity with punkish energy and theatrical abandon, cymbals close to collapse and moody bass setting the standards for the infection. So far so exciting for the Deathrock devil worshippers. But, beyond that, Readership Hostile’s self-titled debut EP revamps its cross-and-bones legacy by merging it with early British Goth, old-school Punk, updated Psych and some refreshing overtones assimilated from their native Los Angeles’ underground scene. Obviously Christian Death casts a shadow over this ensemble, even more when some of its members were part of the Californian legend. However, this is just one of the multiple coordinates outlining their style. Precisely, it’s in the well-matched pooling of musical backgrounds where this gang’s attraction lies. Just take a look at the line-up: Adrienne Pearson (Radio Vago/Shoot Out The Lights) on vocals; Benn Ra (Hatesex/Frank the Baptist/Diva Destruction) on guitars; Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo (Christian Death/Rozz Williams/Shadow Project/Chokebore) on drums; and Paul Rogers (Jonneine Zapata/Arithmetic of War) on bass. Indeed the alchemy works, allowing Readership Hostile to channel their inherent frenzied passion through flawless, cunning mechanisms which make a difference. Not to mention the skills and charisma shown by its female singer – one-third rebellious, one-third possessed girl and one-third banshee – who oftenly ends up by imposing herself upon the structures. As if that were not good enough, the 6-track EP has been recorded and co-produced by the famed Bari Bari (Christian Death/Mephisto Walz/Scarlet’s Remains). Sounds like an imperative purchasing? Definitely, it is. Furthermore, you can easily visualise Readership Hostile blasting off on stage while the crowd is getting its mosh on. Just pick up the ferocious opener, “Shadows Of Pure Delight”, which blows up a punky whirlwind since the starting seconds, based on towering, saw-like guitar sound and rhythms that pound along like horses in the battle rallied by Adrienne’s warcries – which somehow brings to mind Dinah Cancer’s (45 Grave) deathly allure…


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Author: SGM

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