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Hailing from Bologna (Italy) in 2010, the 5-piece combo Horror Vacui released its 2nd full-length album “Return Of The Empire” in October last year, which was available on CD, cassette and digital, as well as on vinyl in the U.S. The European press of the LP by Avant! Records and the band’s own imprint Legion Of The Dead will be launched in April 2015, which in turn will be the subject of this review.

Treading on the musical and cultural border that links dark punk with goth, Horror Vacui is one of the most singular additions to the current roster of sinister rock bands. With its debut album “In Darkness You Will Feel Alright” (2012), they already managed to recover what moths had eaten over decades of boring replicas. They merge elements from deathrock, post-punk and gothic rock with a strong personality into songs that keep intact the band’s punk belligerence. In that sense, Horror Vacui recalls the days when groups like Vex, Lords of the New Church, UK Decay or The Dark – just to mention a few – freely moved among those shadowy punk-rooted territories, just before they splitted apart into distinct genres. Saving the obvious distances, Horror Vacui seems to share a common route – from the old-school and towards a darker, more experimental horizon that helps usher in a brand new post-punk/deathrock era – with contemporary bands such as, for instance, Lost Tribe, Bellicose Minds, Agnostic Prey or The Spectres. […]

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