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Der Himmel über Berlin -

Two years after its debut album “Memories Never Fade” – still ear-catching in its rounded, old yet new, Post-Punk/Goth Rock/Wave crossover appeal – Italy’s Der Himmel über Berlin is back with its second full-length release, entitled “Shadowdancers”, which represents a significant change for the band in some ways. This record has been totally self-produced and, in addition, the original trio has become a quartet in recent times, being Teeno Vesper the latest to join the line-up on vocals. Obviously, these factors have had a noticeable impact on the style of Der Himmel über Berlin. In comparison with its predecessor, this material sounds more crystal-clear and uncompressed, and so each instrumental line shines out with its own light. Furthermore, the vocals are more versatile, dynamic and personal, what adds further freshness and spontaneity to the mix. In short, the former traditional, sinister texture has been removed, although their hallmark sound remains recognisable in the core. But this doesn’t imply, in any way, that Der Himmel über Berlin has musically worsened, just the contrary. Simply put, both records are different sides of the same coin. It’s curious, they could be taken as the alpha and the omega of a long-term music career, whereas in fact only four years have passed since the band’s foundation in Trieste. Without doubt, it’s a sign of early musical maturity. However, “Shadowdancers” looks like an inventive step forward for Der Himmel über Berlin. Playing… […]

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