What Time Is Love? Single by The Devil & The Universe

The Devil & The Universe - What Time is Love? Single - Virus G Zine

There’s an Austrian pair of visionaries which is bringing with it some valuable sonic experimentation to the the dark music realm, though it’s at just two years old a relative new project. David Pfister (Neigungsgruppe/Sex, Gewalt und gute Laune) and Ashley Dayour (Whispers in the Shadow/Coma Divine) have been involved in this adventure like interdependent parts of a unique creative mind, what further enriches their creations. They have quickly gained a solid reputation as The Devil & The Universe with just only an EP (“Evoking Eternity”) and a full-length album (“Imprint Daath”) released to their credit. The secret lies in their ability to combine dark ambient, soundtrackish and ethnic sounds with electronic and even sometimes industrial grooves. Perhaps you have recently been an eye witness of their recent live rituals over Europe. They can be easily recognized on stage: dressed entirely in black and wearing goat masks (possibly it’s just satanic sense of humour although I like to regard them as symbols of musical anti-establishment protest too – similar to those adopted by Anonymous – but maybe it’s both of these together), while making the most of their devilish machinery and, thereby, alterating the audience’s perception of the surrounding environment. That’s precisely what awaits you within their brand new 12″ single, entitled “What Time Is Love?”, in which the goats stay true to their score style but focussing on an infectious electronic driving…

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Author: SGM

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