Performing Arts of the Madrid Gothic Week. Dance, Theatre, Recitals, Story-telling…

Free Admission
Museo del Romanticismo

Teatrífico 2013

“El Desván Teatro” preforming “Jekyll” during the last edition of Theatriffic at Centro Cultural Paco Rabal

2014 Agenda

Friday, October 31

21:30 – Theatriffic (Adults)

“Música para vampiros”, is a story telling performance about the intensity, sensuality and seductive damned aura of the vampires.

Performed by the actress Emma López.

Sunday, November 2

12:00 – Theatriffic (Children)

Madrid Gothic Week presents “Tembloríficos” for 2 – 6 years old children.
Horror and scary stories, horror and yelling, and most important…scary and laughter.