This year in our Literature Meeting: ghosts, role play and many more

Lady Brown by Billyphobia

Detail of “Lady Brown”, illustration done by Billyphobia for the cover art of “Raynham Hall”, debut album by the German gothrockers Sweet Ermengarde. The picture is based on the graphic testimonials of the well-kown female spectre.


Some of our pending tasks in our Literature Meeting were ghosts and RPGs, little or nothing has been said about them during the last five years or our SGM, that have focused on zombies, vampires, werewolves and all type of nocturnal beings, some more attractive than others incidentally. So, from the end of 2013 we began to call the writers under the slogan: “Prohibited vampires, werewolves and zombies” and thanks to the good work of Juan Ángel Laguna Edroso, president of the Nocte Association, we have arranged a meeting including Nosolorol, Poe Brotherhood and several writers to discuss about audiovisual terror, video games and terror in literature outside the canon.


Mirari Bueno, one of our regulars lecturers in on charge of ghosts, this time accompanied by Sol Blanco Soler, member of the Hepta Group and known for her participation in the TV show Fourth Millennium. Sol and other members of the Hepta Group joined us during the second edition of the SGM, when we talked about paranormal experiences. On that occasion, the audience was surprised by the familiarity of our speakers with ghosts and spirits, seemengly all of them knew one particular ghost who is already an honourary member of the group.


Do not forget that you are the soul of the meeting. Our lecturers know that they are going to enjoy the most atentive and particitive audience. We know that you enjoy taking part in the event, so we wait for your comments, questions and suggestions.Writers always say that you are the most participatory and attentive audience. We know you love to review, discuss, ask questions and suggest books and discussions. We want you to come with the same energy and willingness to discuss that you shown in pevious editions.

Author: SGM

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